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At Achmea we use data to solve a large variety of problems. One of the problems we work on is trying to find a price for our products in such a way that they are attractive for the highest number of people. We use optimisation models to achieve the best premium. The challenge for Achmea is to find a balance between the expected damage on the one hand, and the market forces on the other hand.
In this balancing act we use a variety of dynamic models not just for risk assessment, but also to estimate the inflow that a certain price will generate. All these models are combined to make the best premium for our customers.  

In this business case you will get to work with a dataset and practice with making the best price for our customers. You get to see what kind of analyses you have to perform to calculate the optimal price. You can use R, Python, Excel, or any other tool you like to work with! Bring your laptop with you, so you can puzzle with and analyse our data!