Department Tour: ABN Amro

Special Activities - Department Tour: ABN Amro

Beta Business days Beta Business days

ABN AMRO is joining the Beta Business Days this year with its own ABN AMRO only event. During four-speed dating rounds of 15 minutes, five students per digital table will receive the opportunity to network and ask questions to our colleagues. As a participant, you will visit every table.

Meet our colleagues:

Table 1: Bauke Brenninkmeijer
Bauke is a data scientist in the data governance department of ABN AMRO. This department manages how data is orchestrated in the bank, and also facilitates the IT-stack and platforms for this data. As a data scientist there, they focus on helping their department but also have some room to pick up innovative projects and help data science teams from other departments. Bauke has been working at ABN AMRO for 1.5 years, starting after finishing his master’s thesis, about deep learning and synthetic data, also at ABN AMRO. He studied computing science and data science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Table 2: Adriaan Vuik
Adriaan is Quantitative Risk Analyst in the Retail Credit Risk Modelling team. He started working for ABN AMRO two years ago, and did before a PhD in physics at TU Delft. In his team, the focus is on risk models for Retail customers (mortgages, small businesses, credit cards etc.). Currently, he works on the redevelopment of the mortgages models.

Table 3: Eelco Lens
In 2012, Eelco finished his MSc in physics with a specialisation in Medical Physics. He finished his PhD and worked as a postdoctoral researcher for three years. In 2019, Eelco started as a quantitative risk analyst in the non-retail credit risk modelling team at ABN AMRO. Eelco works on the development and maintenance of the credit risk models for the corporate and specialized portfolios. These portfolios are characterized by consisting of complex corporate structures and credit facilities, but also by low number of defaults and large exposures.

Table 4: Anouk Privé
Anouk works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist/Recruiter within ABN AMRO for 1.5 years and together with her team focusses on recruiting professionals within IT & Digital for the entire bank. Anouk and her team are continuously looking for the best candidate for the job. This could be an ABN AMRO hire/employee or an interim professional. Anouk has finished her Master in Business Administration and previously worked at Stibbe as a Recruiter and Brunel as Senior Sourcing Consultant.

Table 4: Robert van den Boogaard
Robert works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist/Recruiter within ABN AMRO. He focusses on permanent positions within the field of Data & Analytics within the entire bank. He is passionate about understanding the organizational goals and strategies, specifically in the areas of data, IT and digital. Next to figuring out together with hiring managers, how the right workforce can enable the organisation to actually meet these goals. From there start with a recruiting approach and make a match with the right person. Having a footprint in someone’s (professional) life is awesome.