Case: Alliander

Casestudy - Case: Alliander

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Note: this module will be given in Dutch! 

What Alliander Does
We develop and manage energy networks. Every day we work on installing and maintaining a network of cables and pipelines that deliver electricity, gas and heating to over three million Dutch households and companies. We are proud that our networks are among the most reliable in the world, with a reliability of supply of over 99.99%. Together, our more than 7000 employees make sure the lights are on, homes are heated and businesses can keep operating.

The world around us is changing rapidly and the energy transition is in full swing. Wind turbines, solar panels, charging stations, heat pumps: they all affect our electricity and gas networks, and it is up to us to prepare the energy grids for this new world. We play a pivotal role in the transition to a sustainable energy supply.
In our workshop we take you with us into our story. We will talk about our biggest challenges and how we respond to them with our innovations. But we also challenge you to think about one of our current problems that we have to deal with.