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Casestudy - Case: TenneT

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At TenneT, we face a major challenge in the coming years: to lead the energy transition forward. Challenges are arising in all sorts of areas: more and more renewables will have to be implemented on our grid, and at the same time we need to guarantee the balance. During our case day, we will take you through this complex and super interesting challenge. Are you thinking along about the energy system of the future? Do you have any creative ideas? Then take part in our case!

Building the offshore grid in the North Sea: Will you play it safe or do you dream big?
Working at TenneT is much more diverse than knowing all electrical ins and outs. In this session, you will get a look and feel of the complexity of bringing to shore vast amounts of offshore wind in the future. Jaap Peterse and Jelle van Uden from the North Sea Wind Power Hub consortium will present the consortium's vision of how to reach the Paris Agreement targets by 2050. After this, your creativity is called upon when we break into small groups and you take on the role as a supranational TSO, tasked with planning offshore wind and a corresponding offshore grid in the North Sea. Will you play it safe and build offshore wind for each country separately or do you dream big and try to make the most cost-optimal system?