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During the lunch break, you have the opportunity to relax, eat a sandwich from Broodje Ben, and take a look at our Lunch Fair! At our Lunch Fair, you have the opportunity to meet non-business organizations that might be interested for you as a student.

A well-deserved lunch from Broodje Ben 

If you are in Groningen during the Beta Business Days, you can use our option to enjoy a sandwich from Broodje Ben*. In the period from the 22nd of February until the 11th of March, you receive an email from us to collect your address and your sandwich preference. There is a meat, fish, vegetarian, and vegan option available.

Meat: Smoked chicken fillet | lemon dill mayonnaise | bacon 
Fish: Smoked salmon | pesto | truffle mayonnaise 
Vegetarian/vegan: Beetroot carpaccio | truffle mayonnaise | pesto

The sandwiches will be delivered before the start of our Lunch Fair! Are you present on both days of the Beta Business Days? Then you will only receive a sandwich on 1 of those days! 

* Only from the zip codes from the city of Groningen (9711 till 9718, 9724, 9725, 9726, 9742, and 9743) can make use of our delivery service.

The Lunch Fair 

Career Services FSE

Career Services of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) supports students in their preparation for the job market. Career Services FSE falls under the umbrella of Career Services, the central desk of the University of Groningen (RUG) in the field of career support.


Young Advisory Group is a young organization consisting of enthusiastic students with a heart for consultancy. Our team of academic talent from different study backgrounds keeps YAG running. Since 2011, we have successfully completed many consulting projects for a diverse group of clients. Our large group of alumni stay involved and are always ready to help with projects and running our student consulting business!


At Enactus, we believe that a sustainable and fair world for everyone starts with yourself. We believe in empathy, guts, and entrepreneurship. That is why we invest in enterprising and responsible leaders. They are aware of their own role in relation to people, society, and the world and are committed to making a positive impact there. This forms their DNA and makes them responsible leaders for life.