Beta Business days

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Beta Business days

This is Capgemini
At Capgemini, we work nimbly and gracefully together on the latest software, on our pioneering applications that help to give our clients their competitive edge on their competitors. These are usually complex projects that we carry out together. It’s what we call “The Collaborative Business Experience”. It means achieving great results by matching the right team of Capgemini experts with the client. In this way, we create the best solutions with the latest technologies so that our client achieves the best possible results.

Whether weare talking C#, PHP, Java, .NET, Python or Mendix, at Capgemini we speak every language. And what we do with them? We develop, test and administer applications, we create infrastructures and cloud-based solutions, and we optimise cybersecurity and user experiences. And actually, a great deal more than this as well.

Develop your future
Capgemini has lots of projects to inspire and challenge you. We have Junior and Senior ICT-ers who work together to come up with the most creative solutions. We are an inquisitive and curious organisation whose watchword is ‘development’. In this way, you will develop into an expert in no time at all.

In order to help you do so, we offer a huge range of different training programs and courses, all of which you can start taking immediately. Just voice your choice, and in this way attain your full potential.

It’s really lovely together

Everybody within Capgemini bears considerable responsibility for his or her own projects. This requires you to have perseverance and commitment. Luckily, every now and then we are also able to let go of everything for a bit and simply enjoy each other’s company. This may involve a bit of foosball (table football) or a get-together to recharge yourself for the next complex task. Or it may mean playing a bit of sport together or going to see a film or festival. We actually share a great deal, which is why you will soon feel that your colleagues are also your friends.

To the office in your sneakers
With Capgemini, you can. At least, you can as long as it fits in with the corporate culture and working environment at your client. Are you located at our head office? If so then you will see that at Capgemini, everybody is very individual. A T-shirt, sneakers, jeans or the clean lines of a suit - everything is possible, as long as it suits you.

The easy way
We like to make things easy for you. Whether we are talking opportunities when you have just graduated or great work placement options. And what’s your best option? Getting to know Capgemini during our XperienceDay. You can register for it directly at Or would you just prefer to apply for a position right away? If so then check out our job vacancies at