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Beta Business days

Whether you are in need of a next step in your career or are a motivated starter looking for a challenging job,  MY Recruitment is your specialist for Recruitment & Selection, of highly qualified professionals in the Food, Feed, Chemicals and Biotech market. Thanks to our extensive experience and in-depth market knowledge, we understand what an organisation is looking for in a candidate and vice versa. Partly as a result of this, we are able to find the right match for various positions in these markets.

The starting point for matching professionals and employers is the employer's demand. From there, we are looking for candidates with the right competencies: both at a job level and a personal level. We believe that a match made on the basis of this combination is more likely to result in long-term cooperation between employers and employees.

It is important to us that you - as a person - match well with an organisation, not only now, but also in the longer term. This is one of the reasons why we always start a face-to-face interview with potential candidates. We extensively discuss the wishes, ambitions and the hard and soft competencies. This way, we can form the best possible picture of you as a candidate and match you with the vacancy and the organisation.

We fill vacancies for the following departments within the Food, Feed, Chemicals and Biotech organisations. These are HBO(+) and specialist positions within:

  • Quality (QA, QC), Safety & Environment  
  • Engineering Maintenance 
  • Process technology 
  • Production Operations
  • R&D Sales & Marketing 
  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain 
  • Lab 
  • General Management
During the Beta Business Days in Groningen we can advise you on the following subjects:
  • Career perspectives
  • CV review
  • The Life Sciences Market