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Beta Business days

Schut Geometrical Metrology (Schut Geometrische Meettechniek bv) is an international organization, founded in 1949, with five offices throughout Europe and its headquarters in Groningen. The company is ISO 9001 certified and specialized in the development, production, sales and service of precision measuring instruments and systems.

Because we are expanding our activities, we are continuously looking for enthusiastic candidates to join our team. If you want to work in a company that values people showing initiative, then Schut Geometrical Metrology is the place for you. The company’s structure is transparent and the work environment is informal with a no-nonsense attitude.

In our departments for technical sales, software support and the development of 3D measuring machines we have people working with an academic background. We are looking for candidates for positions like Sales Engineer, Software Support Engineer, Software Developer (C++), Electronics Developer and Mechanical Engineer. You are very welcome to come in for an orientating meeting, for an open job application or for discussing possibilities for an internship or graduation project. We are always happy to come into contact with motivated and talented students.