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Beta Business days

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Who are we?
Gasunie is a European energy infrastructure company with one of the largest cross border gas transport networks in Europe, a large LNG storage, underground gas storage and other high tech facilities. For now, gas is an important source of energy in north-west Europe. However, the world of energy is rapidly changing. We actively participate in the energy transition, because we believe in an affordable CO2 neutral energy supply, in which sustainable energy sources like sun, wind, biogas and hydrogen gas form the basis for our energy supply. To get there, there are some challenges we must solve together. We therefore cooperate with others in developing safe and sustainable solutions for large scale transportation of biogas and the transport of hydrogen produced from a surplus of sustainable wind or solar energy. These are just some of many, many other challenges Gasunie is taking on towards a sustainable energy supply.

Who are our employees?
Our 1,700 employees are passionate about contributing to a safe, reliable and sustainable energy supply. Most employees work in the Netherlands, several also work in Germany and/or Russia. There are many different skills and backgrounds within Gasunie and we work together as a team.

Working at Gasunie?
A job at Gasunie will give you the opportunity to develop yourself and your skills at a challenging and innovative company. Every two years we have vacancies for ambitious management trainees, with backgrounds such as Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computing Science, Life Science and Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Industrial Engineering and Management and Supply Chain/Technology Operations Management. Special trainee program Our trainees get the opportunity to develop crucial knowledge of the exciting world of energy, to work on their personal hard and soft skills together with a personal coach, to develop management skills, and much more. Every 8 months they take on a new assignment of their own choice. If after two years we are both satisfied about our mutual cooperation, our trainees end up with numerous inviting possibilities within our company. Gasunie devotes time, energy and effort into keeping you growing as a person and as a professional.

Want to know more?
Talk to our colleagues at the event, or take a look at for more information.