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Beta Business days

Started in 1999, XPAR Vision has developed from a newcomer with a single product (Infrared camera system) for a single industry (global container glass industry) into a mature company with a portfolio of sensors and robotics for both container glass and table ware productions globally. Today, XPAR Vision is world technology leader in its field, with an installed base of far over 600 production lines and with a focus on the hot end inspection & process monitoring, process improvement, quality control and closed loop automation.

XPAR Vision focusses strongly on the development of hot end sensors and robotics. Half of the 30+ staff is dedicated developer. Day by day these developers are working on improving existing solutions and developing new ones, using their backgrounds in mainly Applied Physics, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Chemistry. Together with the Field Service Engineers for technical installation on customer sites and continuous remote support and the Consultants for on-site and remote after sales and implementation support the XPAR Vision team has focus on its customers and the implementation success of its solutions.

“Our motto is “HEading for Perfection”, says CEO Paul Schreuders. “All our staff, without exception, is simply living that, day by day. Our customers say that we have the best support organisation in the industry. That is a compliment. No need to say that I am very proud and extremely happy with our team and all its members”.

Currently XPAR Vision is looking for new colleagues to extent the development team.