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Beta Business days

Popko Noordhoff (1833-1903) started with a bookshop in Groningen in 1858. As a publisher, he specialized in scientific publications and textbooks. Thus, in 1883, the famous School flora of the Netherlands by H. Heukels appeared. From 1906 Noordhoff achieved great success with Kun you can sing, sing along! In the twentieth century, the Noordhoff company built up an extensive mathematical fund. At some point more than half of all Dutch schools used a Noordhoff edition. Scientific mathematical publications received international recognition. 

Noordhoff Uitgevers is the largest educational content and services provider in The Netherlands.
The company covers a broad subject range within its primary, secondary, vocational and higher education teaching resources. Hundreds of specialist authors collaborate to develop up-to-date course materials to help students and teachers achieve maximum results. The market leader also offers, with the business unit Noordhoff Health, e-learning for the professional healthcare market. Noordhoff Uitgevers serves the entire Dutch learning community. Home learners and professionals, as well as schools, benefit from a comprehensive combination of content, services and tools. With the establishment of Noordhoff Health Deutschland GmbH in April 2014, the health e-learning activities in the Netherlands extended to Germany.