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Beta Business days

Asc Academics is a global market access and health economics consultancy that combines academic rigor, business insights and creativity to uncover the economic and societal value of healthcare innovations.

At Asc Academics, we turn complex questions in clear solutions.

To achieve that, our multidisciplinary team of academic consultants collaborate and combine medical expertise and econometric modelling to find unique approaches to every research question. By applying the latest academic insights and methodological developments, we can assist you in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), healthcare policy research and evidence generation, and provide strategic market access advice.

At Asc Academics, we work with the latest international health economic guidelines to quantify the costs and impact of healthcare products in monetary and societal outcomes. We understand that in the current environment, the political implications of (unfavourable) ICERs can have far-reaching implications. We understand the broader impact of the outcomes of our health economic models, and excel in dissemination of the outcomes of our models.

By turning complex questions into clear solutions, Asc Academics is able to reach target audiences including payers, healthcare providers, policymakers, patients and other stakeholders.