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Beta Business days

About us…

Quatronic is a young consultancy firm on a mission. Founded by four experienced business technology consultants, Quatronic seeks to become the number one in digitalizing business processes by using innovative technologies like Low Code platforms. We firmly believe in the potential of new ways of application delivery and know it will play a pivotal role in the digital transformation many companies are going through.

We started our mission in 2018 and already are a winning team of 10 enthusiastic people working towards the same goal. Currently we are active at 5 clients in 3 different countries!

Our Approach

The Quatronic approach to projects consists out of three phases: discover, deliver and drive:

Discover: Companies often have the feeling that digitalizing will improve their business, but don’t always know where to start. We help companies to rapidly explore their business problem through design sessions. The objective is to reach a common goal and shared insight for the best possible solutions. We apply Design Thinking principles to look at the challenges with a different mindset and perspective. Ideas are immediately prototyped for instant feedback and maximum engagement.

Deliver: After getting the insight on how to solve the business problem with an application it is time to make it work. With our standardized agile delivery approach and the OutSystems Low Code Platform, we deliver your application at the speed of light. By starting with a minimal viable product and iteratively adding new features, we make sure all your needs are met and unforeseen insights are included. During the development process we keep all stakeholders pro-actively involved and informed for maximum adoption.

Drive: Our applications are built to last and always designed with maintenance and support in mind. At Quatronic we offer a smooth transition of your applications from development to our maintenance & support service. In this way a company can be focused on running their business instead of their applications.

Join us!

Do you want to work in a fast-moving environment while having the autonomy to make your own decisions? Do you want to leverage the latest technologies that make the difference?

And most important, are you thinking about having a real impact on day to day business? Stop thinking and start linking... with us! At Quatronic we build the next generation of business apps and help innovative companies to accelerate their digital transformation!

Want to join? Check: https://www.quatronic.nl/join-us