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Beta Business days

Achmea – Remaining One Step Ahead of the Future   
We are Achmea Insurance today extends beyond our homes, our cars and our pensions. Modern insurance companies struggle with how to manage liability related to the use of drones, the risk associated with driverless vehicles, the rental of goods in the sharing economy, and the insurance implications of other recent trends. These complex issues have created the need for new standards for the capacity, strength and flexibility of systems, networks, databases and websites. This is certainly the case at Achmea: as the largest and most trusted digital insurance company in the Netherlands and the owner of domestic brands such as Centraal Beheer, Interpolis, Zilveren Kruis and FBTO, we employ roughly 12,500 people across our various Dutch sites. With around 10 million customers, each with their own risks and insurance needs, our responsibility cannot be overestimated. We offer a challenging work environment with endless opportunities for personal development, perfectly suited for ambitious recent university graduates with the confidence to take centre stage early on in their careers and support us in our ongoing efforts to reinvent insurance.

Achmea & Data
Working with Big Data is the future. At Achmea, we deal with massive amounts of data every day – data which can provide us with the key to finding new marketing solutions and can lead to valuable insights for developing new products and other innovations. While some of this data helps our customers to prevent loss and damage, we use other data to calculate and evaluate risk. Achmea is currently looking for Data Analysts: professionals with a gift for interpreting and connecting data, who can get right to the heart of complex information and facts and manage to penetrate the underlying issue. They know just how valuable data can be and how to use it in providing helpful advice. If you have what it takes to be a talented Data Analyst, including the ability to connect the proverbial dots, play the game now! In addition, Achmea is looking for Future Actuaries: professionals who can accurately identify and assess risk, who want to have an impact on the pricing of insurance products, and who have the sense of responsibility to protect and monitor our solvency, profitability and technical resources. Needless to say, you would hold a key role in our organisation.