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Beta Business days

Some see potato, we see potential
Processing approximately two million tons of potatoes a year, extracting everything of these potatoes: a lot of people are working on this at Avebe! We set the bar high. Automation is on the up and we need people who can keep pace with it. Inspired people who want to continue to develop.

Avebe is a large employer in the North of the country. And at least as important: a good employer. According to a survey carried out by Effectory and Intermediair our employees are satisfied. The working atmosphere is inspiring and transparant and the conditions are attractive.

Sustainable future
We focus on long term continuity and sustainability is an absolute precondition for this. Sustainability is one of the main topics in our strategy. We formulated seven themes with concrete objectives, which makes them measurable and clear. These themes vary from saving energy and reducing water consumption to achieving an accident-free workplace and fit and healthy employees.

Innovation by nature
Our focus on innovation continuously presents us with new challenges. That is why we invest substantially in training and education. At our offices and at our production plants, all employees are involved. They are proud of what they do and work with passion on Avebe’s mission: extracting everything from the potato.

Avebe continuously creates new products and ideas. The potato is our inspiration. Let us inspire you with our possibilities. We extract all valuable ingredients from the potato. We are guided by innovation and collaboration. We talk to customers, listen to consumers, identify societal challenges. We continue to find inspiration for new products and applications that make life easier and healthier. Some see potato, we see potential. What do you see?

Avebe at Zernike, Groningen
Our new Innovation Centre arises at Zernike Campus
in Groningen. The new premises will be housing the Innovations, Sales and Marketing departments, adding up to over 100 people. There is also space for start-ups in the agrofood sector. Avebe's choice for the Campus was based in part on the prospect of synergy with Groningen University, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the entrepreneurs present at Campus Groningen. The know-how, the dynamism and the favourable climate for innovation provide Avebe with an ideal breeding ground to continue our own innovations in this northern region.

Avebe is driven by knowledge and innovation. We share that motto with Campus Groningen. This is a location bursting with dynamism, among young talent and leading companies, and Avebe feels perfectly at home there', says Gerard ten Bolscher, Avebe’s Managing Director Innovations.

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Avebe’s website www.avebe.com provides up-to-date information about our activities and vacancies. Also, you can follow us on Twitter: @AVEBEGroup or LinkedIn: avebe