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Beta Business days


ORMIT develops your talent into leadership skills in a Management, Digital or Technical context

You’ve successfully finished your studies and achieved other great things along the way. An exciting career is ahead of you! But how and where to start? How are you going to make a difference? That’s where ORMIT comes in. We help you to discover where your greatest potential lies and what you should improve to turn your talent into leadership skills. Our Traineeships will catapult your career into the future using a unique Traineeship recipe that is focussed on developing personal leadership:

 - Challenging projects at top companies – We take great care in selecting the projects that will take you out of your comfort zone, so that your learning curve will be very style.
 - An intensive training program – You participate in trainings focussed on developing your leadership potential and you will develop a toolbox to realise innovative project management.
 - A personal Talent Development Manager – Through coaching, feedback, reflection and a series of other learning techniques you gradually get to grasp your real potential.
 - Co-learning with peers – You start your Traineeship with five peers and together you stimulate
your personal development. You can expect straight-forward feedback, honest observations and lasting friendships.
 - De ORMIT experience – For years ORMIT is a Great Place to Work!

All ORMIT Traineeships have these growth-fuels mentioned above in common. However we offer three different contexts in which our Multi- or Incompany Traineeships take place. So you can choose a directions that fits you best! ­  

 - Management: "A True leader is a management professional who delivers results because of the true connection they make with people and the capability to derive change in organizations from within." ­  
 - Techniek: "Leaders in Technology are self conscious professionals, bridging the gap between people, business and technology."  ­  
 - Digital: "Digital leaders are self conscious professionals who can change organizations from within by combining digital expertise with great leadership skills."

Ready to Kickstart your career and curious about ORMIT? Check out our website and lets get in touch! www.ORMIT.nl