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Beta Business days

SRON, Netherlands Institute for Space Research, was founded in 1983 and is the national expertise institute for space research in the Netherlands. It has two laboratories, in Utrecht (moving to Leiden in 2020) and Groningen.

SRON’s mission is to bring about breakthroughs in international space research with universities and institutes around the globe. Therefore the institute develops pioneering technology and advanced space instruments. These find their way to space telescopes and satellites of space agencies like NASA, ESA and JAXA and also to ground based observatories around the world. SRON fills the void between industries that cannot invest in long-lead technologies and universities that cannot sustain long-term instrument development and delivery.

Engineers, (applied) physicists and astronomers work together in dynamic teams, in a flat organization where the projects are leading, in which experience, knowledge and bright ideas count.

We offer internships and undergraduate research projects for master students. For talented masters we have various traineeship possibilities, to get a taste of space mission technology development, design and implementation of advanced instrumentation and calibration and scientific use in space.

We currently have vacancies for PhD's with both strong analytical and experimental skills.

If you want to be the next technical leader of the most advanced space instruments, contact us!