Lunch Expo

Lunch Expo

Beta Business days

The Lunch Expo will be hosted in the Springerfoyer, just as the Business Expo. During this lunch buffet, there will be an opportunity for you to have your CV and LinkedIn checked. There will also be a professional photographer present to take (LinkedIn) profile pictures.

To take a break from your fruitful day, there will be masseuses to help you relax during your lunchtime. A platform for social entrepreneurship will present one of their projects to broaden social awareness. They believe that investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for other creates a better world for us all.   

Companies during the lunch expo: 

Integrand - founded in 1980 - is a national non-profit student organization that brings together student life and working life. The foundation is completely run by students. Our mission is to help students develop their business skills. With our nationwide reach we are the largest internship mediation agency in The Netherlands. Integrand's vision is to help students get ready for life after college, by getting to know the working life before finishing their studies. We see that students miss opportunities to get in touch with professional life during their studies. Also, companies start raising the bar for students entering the job market. That's why our board members in all 12 Dutch university cities help students to find and get internships. We also offer a wide range of other products and services aimed at career orientation, such as career events, inhouse days, training and talentpools.

De Carrièrebus helps you independently in creating or improving your CV, writing a solicitation letter, preparation for a solicitation interview, finding the best side-job, internship, starters function or traineeship AND the employer that fits you best. Also, de Carrièrebus advises in study directions and the best way to present yourself on the job market.