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Beta Business days

More and more, LinkedIn is becoming a tool to find new job opportunities or internships. When reaching out to companies you might want to upgrade your photo to a business-like one. Make use of the situation and get yourself a new LinkedIn photo while wearing your business formal or casual outfit at the LinkedIn portrait photographer.

Irene Wildenbeest from Wildenbeest Image Consulting knows everything about the first few minutes that form a first impression at the persons you meet. One of the elements in this is your outfit. Based on the tone of your skin, the color of your eyes and the goal you want to obtain she can give you the right advise on what to wear.

Relax! During the Lunch Expo you will get the opportunity to get a ‘company massage’ in one of the massage chairs. Recharge yourself and feel fit for the second half of the day!

Dive into the photobooth with friends and create a long lasting memory of the 2019 Beta Business Days. Attributes will be present, so get ready for a group picture in 3, 2, 1…!

The Beta Business Days offer a lot of perspectives on jobs you might want to do in the future, but what if you are looking for something next to your study? The YAG and De Kleine Consultant offer great challenges in student consulting. This way you can bring the things you have learnt into practice.

Enactus is a non-profit organization which focusses on sustainable and social entrepreneurship. This can be a rewarding challenge to do beside your study, making a real change! During the Beta Business Days Enactus is present with a stand during the Lunch Expo at which they can answer questions and explain what their organization entails.

MAAK Techniek & Proces is a company that is letting students use their knowledge at an industrial company. With ‘De Technische Bijbaan’ they offer you the chance to work part time on projects of one of the companies they work with. This is a great opportunity to obtain working experience, use the things you have learnt and earn money while doing this.

SAMEEN is a student platform that offers student jobs around energy and/or sustainable related projects. This is done for external parties, creating a great learning opportunity. How the job gets done is discussed with the client, always leading to unique approaches and experiences!