Pre-Congress Committee

Beta Business Days Pre-Congress Committee

Beta Business days

Take part in the Beta Business Days 2019.
As BBPre committee you are resposible for the organisation of the BBD precongress and the promotional days. Besides the organisation, you will be an important help during the Beta Business Days. The committee consists of four students from the different study associations of the FSE faculty and TeMa.

Last year, the BBDPre committee had arranged Hardt Hyperloop and MyTomorrows as speakers on the precongress. Also the committee had arranged the promotional days including soup, stroopwaffles and hot chocolate free for students of the FSE faculty and TeMa.

This year, you could be responsible for attracting interesting speakers and organising the promotional days. It is a nice and small, but serious committee that will cooperate closely with the BBD Board as well as with the BBC (Beta Business Committee) and will boost your CV and gives you a great time!

For more information, you can always contact the board or visit us at NB5117.0303.