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Beta Business days

The 33rd edition of the Beta Business Days is organized by 6 enthusiastic students from the University of Groningen. All have different backgrounds and studies. This ensures a big intelligence pool to vitalise this special event.

The 33rd board of the Beta Business Days:

(f.l.t.r.: Irene, Jan-Jacob, Kiki, Renske, Joël, Emma)

Chairman                                Kiki Timmermans
Secretary                                Jan-Jacob Plomp
Treasurer                                Renske van der Meulen
Business relations              Joël Plantinga
Business relations              Emma Arussi
Public relations                   Irene Lulofs

Teampicture of the board of the Beta Business Days
Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days



Hi! I’m Kiki Timmermans and this year I will serve as the chairman of the BBD board. I’m already in my fifth year of enjoying student life in Groningen. But sadly all good things come to an end. So this year, besides being on the BBD board, I will finish my bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Philosophy. I love to keep myself busy so for the past years I’ve done various committees and jobs. The BBD board seemed to me to be the perfect cherry on top of my student experience in Groningen. I’m looking forward to learning new skills and also having good times with my board.

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days



Hi! My name is Jan-Jacob Plomp, and I will be the secretary of this board for the coming year. Right now I am in my fourth year of studying in Groningen, and hope to finish my bachelor's degree in Astronomy, so I can start my master’s next year! Over the past four years, I have done several committees to keep myself busy and to enhance my soft skills, so for me, the BBD seemed like the perfect next step. I am looking forward to working together with my fellow board members the oncoming year, and I hope to see you at the Beta Business Days in March!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days



Hey! My name is Renske van der Meulen, I’m 22 years old and I just finished my Bachelor in Behavior and Neurosciences. Since I have never lived anywhere else than Groningen, I will also do the Master in Energy and Environmental Sciences here. Over the past years, I have joined several committees at GLV Idun. But more importantly, this year I’m responsible for all the finances of the BBD. In the coming year I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the board, and hope to organize an amazing BBD! Hope to see you all there!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days


Business Relations 1

Hi! I am Joël and I will have the role of Business Relations this year. This will be my third year in Groningen where I’m studying Computing Science and Philosophy of a specific discipline. The BBD seemed to be the perfect next step after doing several committees and especially the Career Day last year. I’m looking forward to attracting the most interesting companies to make our career event as interesting as possible for you as students. I hope to see you guys at our activities!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days


Business Relations 2

I’m Emma Arussi and I’m one of the two board members responsible for the business relations of this years Beta Business Days! I’m in my third year of the bachelor Molecular Life Sciences and hope to finish it in 2021 so that I can move on to do a more business related Master, as I don’t see myself working as a researcher. I have joined several committees at GLV Idun, and also the Beta Business Days Committee of 2019. I’m really excited to continue this year with my fellow amazing board members and I hope to see you at our event!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days


Public Relations

Hi everyone! My name is Irene Lulofs and I will be this year’s public relations. I am 20 years young and currently a third year Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management student. After having done several committees at TBV Lugus, and being part of last year’s BBC, a board year will be my new challenge. Besides improving my organizational skills, I’m happy that this board year will delay my studies as well! But most of all, I am looking forward to the coming year and I’m excited to share all the experiences with my fellow board members!