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Beta Business days

Do you want to experience the excitement of organizing the biggest career event for technical students in Groningen? Do you want to develop your soft skills and boost your CV while having a great time? Apply now for the Beta Business Days board 2019/2020!
- Organize various career related events over the year leading up to the Beta Business Days 
- Part-time function 
- Great way to boost your CV 
- Meet new people and have a fantastic year

For more information, please contact us. Apply before April 21 by sending an email with your CV and motivational letter to

The 32nd edition of the Beta Business Days is organized by 6 enthusiastic students from the University of Groningen. All have different backgrounds and studies. This ensures a big intelligence pool to vitalise this special event.

(f.l.t.r. Bhaarti, Dirk, Gerben, Roel, Joris, Nienke)

Teampicture of the board of the Beta Business Days
Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days



Hello! My name is Nienke and I’m the chairman of the BBD board of this year. I recently received my BSc LS&T with the major Biomedical Engineering. With experience in organising at GLV Idun, this year I’m taking a gap year to enjoy the student life a bit longer and explore the opportunities that come along with a board year. Besides being in the board, tutoring courses fills up this year, so you might see me dancing around the lab. My goal this year is to improve the collaboration between the faculty and the BBD even more. Also as a bachelor student, don’t be afraid to come take a look!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days



Hi! My name is Joris Degenaar, this year’s secretary of the board of the BBD. Like two of my fellow board members I’m studying IEM. Having done a couple of committees at TBV Lugus, the BBD was a suitable next step for me. As the secretary of this board I am responsible for the contact with all of the 9 associations we cooperate with and for keeping an eye on the BBPre and BBC committees, which are essential in promoting and facilitating an event like this! I had never visited the BBD before, so I’m going in with a open mind. Hopefully we’ll make this year’s edition a great success!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days



The treasurer of the 32nd BBD Board is… Me, Gerben Boerema! To introduce myself, I am a 3rd years student in Chemistry and I am 21 years young. I have been really active within my study association (De Chemische Binding), and besides that I am also trainer in Survivalrun at GSSV Moddervet. Last year I was part of the BBPre, the committee that organises the promodays and the Pre-Congress of the BBD. I currently am keeping track on all the money that's flowing in and out of the foundation of the BBD. By this, I am making a contribution to the organisation of this luxurious event!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days


Business Relations 1

It is a true delight to introduce myself, Bhaarti Bodha, this year’s business relations. I am 23 years old, making me the oldest member of this year’s board. I am currently in my second year of the Biomedical Sciences master. I was an active member of GLV Idun during my Bachelor and now I am also active as the student chair for the programme committee of my study. This year I want to gain more experience in organizing a big event and enjoy the student life a little bit more. I hope we will make the event interesting for all the 9 participating study associations!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days


Business Relations 2

Hello students of the faculty of science and engineering! This year I, Dirk Bleumer, will do everything I can to help you to orient on your future career by selecting the most interesting companies for the Beta Business Days. Last year, I finished the Bachelor IEM, this year I started the master. After being abroad for half a year I realized that I wanted to do a board year besides my study. So, next to following some courses I am in contact with the potential participating companies, if you have any recommendations or other remarks you can always contact me!

Teampicture of the boardmember of the Beta Business Days


Public Relations

My name is Roel Steggink and I have the honor to be the public relations in the 32th board of the Beta Business Days. I am twentyone years old, which makes me the youngest board member. I come from the beautiful Reutum, a small town in the Twente region of the Netherlands. I am currently in my third year of the study IEM, where I’m very active within TBV Lugus. Besides that, I assisted with the organization of the previous BBD by being part of the BBC. These experiences will assist me through my board year, after which I hope to gain even more experience with the organization of the biggest beta career event of Groningen.